Skills Training

Yes, we can help you with skills training!  If your certification is outdated or you don’t have any at all and you are having difficulty finding employment, you may be able to access financial supports to help with the cost of training. 

If you can show that you require training that will result in employment and demonstrate financial need, the following costs may be covered:

  • Tuition, registration, and most other training fees to a maximum total of $7,500 per Action Plan *some exceptions apply.
  • Books and supplies.
  • Living Supports
  • Dependent Care – licensed care facilities are preferred.
  • Transportation costs
  • Living away from home allowance
  • Tools that are not “tools of the trade” and cost less than $250
  • Tutoring and required Disability Supports to participate in training. – Program support maximums may apply.

Please Note: Financial Supports probably can’t cover all of your expenses and everyone is expected to contribute to the cost of their training, to the best of their financial ability.