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Business: BC Wildfire Service


Natural Resources Sector


Are you a physically fit, motivated, a team-oriented individual looking for a challenging and dynamic opportunity?

The British Columbia Ministry of Forests is accepting applications for Fire Crew Member positions


The majority of fire crews begin work in late April or early May and work until the end of August. Some crews remain working into September, or even into October, depending on fire conditions and activity.

Our fire crews usually work regular hours during the hottest part of the day, 10:30 to 18:30, when fires are most likely to start. The normal work shift is seven hours per day and 35 hours per week. A firefighter is guaranteed a 3-6 month work term depending on the location of employment and fire activity.

When on active fire duty, staff may work longer days and can remain on fire duty for up to 14 days before taking days off. For safety reasons, the actual number of days a firefighter works on the fire line is limited and followed by days of rest or light duty.

If crews are not on a fire but the fire danger is high, firefighters may be placed on standby, meaning they must be ready to respond immediately once a fire call comes in. Firefighters may be placed on standby for extended periods throughout the fire season, including through weekends and after hours.

A Physician's Release Form needs to be completed by a physician only if you are invited to one of our training Boot Camps later in the spring. These examinations must be obtained within 30 days prior to attending camp or the Physician's Release Form will no longer be valid. This form will be provided to you if you are invited to Boot Camp

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